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Under a palm tree at Turtle Nest Inn. The Inn's seaside pool. The Inn shot while snorkelling off the beach. The Inn and pool shot from the beach.
At what
time can
we check-in, and at what time do we have to leave the Inn?

Check-in is guaranteed no later than 4:00pm, with check-out at noon. The four-hour spread is required for the very thorough housekeeping that is our standard when preparing accommodations for the next guests. Of course, some flexibility is possible with prior notice, subject to the departure/arrival times of the previous/following guests. And, those arriving earlier are certainly welcome -- we'll gladly store your luggage for you until your accommodations are ready, and you're free to use the common facilities of the Inn (public washrooms, pool, beach, terrace, etc.). The same applies to late-departing guests.

Is there
housekeeping service like at the large
hotels; is this
at any extra cost?

Full housekeeping is done in our apartments, every day from Monday to Friday.  This service is included in our rates even though there's no "service charge" at the Inn like there is in virtually all of the island's large hotels and condo complexes. And, we believe that you'll find our housekeepers much more thorough than those employed in most other hotels -- with more attention to detail, more respect for your belongings, and a real personal touch. There's no housekeeping on Saturday and Sunday, but our office staff will be happy to tend to any particular needs you may have, like replacing your beach towels.

Is there
housekeeping service at the condos?

Full housekeeping is done before you arrive, and after you leave. You'll find a full second set of linen and towels on hand, and you have your own dishwasher, washer and dryer, iron, etc.  Housekeeping service is available during your stay as an extra-cost option, but must be reserved at least a day in advance.

Are there grocery and liquor stores around
the Inn?

There are two convenience stores and two liquor stores within walking distance, but serious grocery shopping is best done at one of the large supermarkets. There are three right on your route as you drive from the airport to the Inn, and they're all open from 7:00am till 10:00pm, but closed on Sundays, Good Friday, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. On all other official holidays, they're open only from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Are we
limited to the beach
at the Inn
& Condos?

All beaches in the Cayman Islands are public, so you're welcome to stroll on, or swim from any beach you please, regardless of where you're staying. Although the Inn & Condos have their own beach, and you can walk a couple of miles beyond in either direction, it's a short drive to try out others, including Seven Mile Beach, Smith's Cove, Rum Point, etc.

Can kids
snorkel off the
Inn beach?

Yes, anyone can snorkel at the Inn, thanks to the reef-protected waters. The sea within our reef is no more than 5-6' deep. For more information on snorkelling at the Inn, click on "Snorkelling" (far left margin).

Are there
spots near
the Inn?

Yes, there are a few within walking distance, including Sea Side Paradise, and two very good and inexpensive jerk chicken stands within a mile of the Inn. There are also a couple of more complete dining spots a few miles down the road by car. See our more extensive list at "Island Dining" (far left margin).

How can
we be
from home
our stay
at the Inn?

During office hours -- 9:00am to 5:30pm EST -- you can be phoned at the Inn's central number (345.947.8665) and we'll transfer the call to your apartment. If you're out, the caller can leave a message retrievable from your apartment. You can receive faxes at 345.947.6379, and e-mail messages at [email protected] , but your name must appear as the subject of either. At any time day or night, you can be phoned directly at 345.749.2222, but the caller will be prompted to dial your apartment number, so you must provide your contacts with your single-digit room or apartment number after arrival.

Will it be
costly for me
to regularly
my office?

Phone company rates in the Cayman Islands are generally quite high, although the mark-up added at the Inn is probably the lowest of any hotel here. However, if you intend on making more than a couple of calls to the US or to Canada -- or to any other country -- the Inn offers an exclusive "World Phone" service (far left margin) that's an incredible deal, and much less costly than long-distance calls from any other hotel, anywhere in the world!

Is each unit
at the Inn equipped
with a TV;
any Pay-TV

Each unit at the Inn is equipped with 95-channel HDTV (plus another 45 music channels), a DVD/VHS/CD-player. And there's a free lending library of over six hundred films on DVD and VHS. Channels accessible on TV include CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, BBC, FOX, HBO, MAX, USA, A&E, the History channel, Disney, a cartoon channel, National Geographic, and many others. No need for Pay-TV! There are also a number of video stores around the island, but we doubt you'll need them.

Will we find more info once we arrive
at the Inn?

Every unit at the Inn & Condos has available a very detailed and informative "Guest Information" binder, which includes instructions for operating all electronic and other devices, information on snorkelling, where to find common conveniences and facilities (kayak, washer, dryer, iron, etc.), recommended dining spots, etc.


While there are no babysitters on staff at the Inn, there is an available service on the island with trained sitters who'll come to the Inn. Please let us know of your needs after arrival, and we'll help you with arrangements.

at the Inn?

There's a token-operated washer and dryer in the ground floor laundry room (off the Inn lobby), as well as an iron and ironing board that you can borrow for use in your apartment. Tokens for the washer and dryer are sold at the Inn office, with detergent on hand at no charge. However, each condo has its own washer, dryer, iron, and ironing board.

Are there safes available?

Not in each apartment and condo, but at the office we do have facilities for the safe-keeping of your valuables. They can be stored and accessed anytime during office hours.

beach chairs, parasols?

Yes, there are adjustable lounge chairs, patio chairs, large and small tables, and beach parasols available for guests, free of charge, and normally kept around the pools. Guests are welcome to use them on the sandy beach, but we do ask that you return them after.

Is there
water sports equipment for rent or loan at
the Inn?

There's snorkel gear you can borrow, and there's a two-seat sea kayak available for guests to use off of our beach, both at no charge. We do have a fairly good collection of masks, snorkels, beach shoes and fins at the Inn, and guests can access them during office hours -- for use at the Inn, or elsewhere on the island. Of course, nothing beats your own stuff if you already have it, and can bring it along.

Is there
a fitness centre
at the Inn
or elsewhere
on the
island, with
short-term memberships?

With only eighteen rental units at the Inn, we have neither the resources nor the space for a fitness centre, although walking along the beach, jogging close by, swimming and kayaking are all healthy forms of exercise available in and around the Inn, at no charge at all. However, you can join one of the island's gyms on a weekly basis, including Kings Sport Complex. It's the most conveniently accessible from Bodden Town -- just past the Grand Harbour (Hurley's) shopping centre, with no need to go as far as George Town.  It's just a couple of years old, and very well equipped, but there are other well-established fitness centres in and around George Town offering short-term subscriptions..




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