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Finding your way from Owen Roberts International Airport in George Town, to On the Bay, in Old Man Bay (North Side), is easy! But, you'll have to first follow these directions to Turtle Nest Inn & Condos, in Bodden Twon, to check in and pick up the key. Grand Cayman is a small island, there's basically one main road from one end of the island to the other, and the Inn is situated right on the main road going east, about ten miles from the airport (and George Town). There's only one exit road from the airport and rental car plaza, which ends at a stop sign, just beside the main Post Office processing facility. At the stop sign, turn left, and continue past Foster's Food Fair (on your right) until the first round-about. This Foster's is one of three major supermarkets located directly along your route in from the airport, and all three are indicated on our maps by green dots.  At the round-about, make sure that there are no cars coming from the right (they have the right-of-way), and continue to your left, so no need to actually "enter" the round-about.

The road will continue curving to the left around the end of the airport runway and at the junction a little further, you'll keep to your left (so no stop). The airport runway is still on your left for a few hundred feet, and you're now on the main road heading east towards Bodden Town, East End, Northside, and Rum Point. Along the way, the road leads through several villages including Spotts, Prospect, Savannah, Lower Valley, and Pedro. The latter three are located in the district of Bodden Town, so don't confuse any signs indicating the name of the district with the town itself, which is about ten miles further along the main road. Keep in mind as well that all speed limit signs are in miles-per-hour, even if your rental car might have a speedometer in kilometers-per-hour.

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You'll soon arrive at the first of three more round-abouts and, again, you'll keep left and not actually "enter" the round-about. The three round-abouts are indicated on the map below by a black circle and a dot in the centre. The next of these three round-abouts is barely a quarter-mile further, and you'll take the second exit. As you'll see, the first exit leads into the Grand Harbour Shopping Centre, and to the Hurley's supermarket. After the round-about -- whether continuing along your route or exiting from the shopping centre parking lot -- you'll keep to your left, taking the extreme left lane, and passing directly by an Esso (on your left), thereby avoiding an additional and unnecessary round-about.

At the next (and last) round-about, you'll again take the second exit, and continue on to Bodden Town. At all the round-abouts you'll encounter, you'll in fact be continuing "straight" along the main road, if you can imagine you would have before the round-abouts were built (i.e., no turns at all). A few miles further, you'll pass the Countryside Shopping Village (on your left) and a large Texaco station (on your right), and continue towards Bodden Town.

Shortly after a sign lowering the posted speed limit to 25mph, you'll enter the village of Bodden Town, and the road curves sharply to the left. Just after the curve, there's an Esso station on your right (seaside),  followed a little further by a Texaco station, and then, around 200 feet further, Turtle Nest Inn & Condos. If you see a Post Office on your left, or a church on your right, you've gone too far!  The Inn & Condos comprise three seperate structures. The first, a two-storey, white, Spanish-style building with two illuminated signs at the road, houses the Inn office and all our apartments, and is where you'll want to pull in and park.  If you've driven a few feet further until the Turtle Nest Condos sign, no problem -- just pull in here and park your car before walking over to the main building to check in.

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After checking in, you'll exit the Inn parking lot to your right -- keeping a sharp eye for oncoming traffic from your right -- and continue along the main road east until Frank Sound Road, about 4 miles away. This is the road to the Botanic Park, Rum Point, Cayman Kai, etc., as well as to Old Man Bay, and you'll turn left (you can't turn right).

At the end of Frank Sound Road (about 5 miles), you'll pass a gas station on your left just before the junction to East End.  The road "naturally" flows to the left (towards Rum Point), so it's easy to miss the turn to your right. You'll want to slow down and watch carefully for the turn to your right (towards East End) just after the gas station. About 300 feet along Old Robin Road, you'll see the On the Bay condos on your left (seaside), a lushly-landscaped, pastel green, three-story complex. Just turn in, park your car, and go up to the second floor (via stairs or elevator).

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We suggest that you print a copy of these maps to take with you on your trip. And, just in case, you can reach us (locally) for help at 947.8665 between 9:00am and 5:30pm, seven days a week. The drive in from the airport may be a good time to shop for groceries -- especially if you're early enough to check in at the Inn before the office closes at 5:30pm -- and we'd probably suggest one of the two supermarkets located further along your route, either Hurley's, in the Grand Harbour Shopping Centre (a couple of miles after the airport) or the Foster's in Countryside Shopping Village, in Savannah, only about 5 minutes before you arrive at the Inn.

All three supermarkets are open six days a week (closed on Sunday), between 7:00am and 10:00pm You'll find a liquor store (for beer, wine and spirits) located just a few steps from each of the three supermarkets, and they're also open six days a week, but from 10:00am to 7:00pm. If arriving on a Sunday, there are convenience stores open until 10:00pm and located along your route (usually in/next to a Texaco or Esso service station), including one in Bodden Town itself at the small Texaco station just two properties from the Inn -- better to walk to after you park at the Inn and check in.



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